Mistral Bay Hotel - Agios Nikolaos



Mistral Bay Hotel is situated on the heart of the town of Agios Nikolaos, 80 meters from the beach and only 4 minutes walk from the picturesque lake of Agios Nikolaos. Very close to most known bars and restaurants is the ideal choice for romantic getaways or affordable vacations with family members or group of friends.



Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) is a picturesque coastal town in Crete, lying east of Heraklion city and west of the town of Sitia. Located on the west shore of Mirabello Bay, Agios Nikolaos is the capital of Lasithi Prefecture and is known as a popular tourist destination. The most important landmark is the circular Lake Voulismeni in the center of the town, which is connected to the sea and forms a natural inner harbour. According to mythology, the goddess Athena bathed in it. Today, the lake is surrounded by shops, tavernas and open-air cafés.


With a rich historical and cultural background and its unsurpassed natural beauty, Crete is a dream destination for millions of people every year.

The largest of the Greek islands and one of the largest in the Mediterranean, Crete is a place with amazing history! The oldest evidence of inhabitants are Neolithic farming community remains that date to approximately 7000 BC. This is where the Minoan civilization (circa 2700 – 1420 BC) flourished, which is regarded as the first well-known literate civilization in Europe. Knossos is the largest of the preserved Minoan palaces and a must-visit place.

The morphology of the island is unique, with mountains from west to east, valleys and plateaus, rivers, lakes and gorges. The Samaria Gorge in southwest Crete is a National Park and a major tourist attraction! Another famous attraction in the island is the palm beach of Vai – the largest natural palm forest in Europe.